Dr. Michael Weber

What makes Dr. Webers treatment unique?

It has been my experience that utilizing traditional Chiropractic care combined with the soft tissue expertise of ART, and my unique skills in the use of percussion combined with motion is far superior to any of those treatments alone.

ACTIVE RELEASE TECHNIQUES (ART), a state of the art, medically patented, soft-tissue technique used to treat conditions such as; Scar Tissue, Entrapments and Adhesions in the soft tissues of the body such as muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves. “ART is the GOLD STANDARD technique to treat these conditions… Period!

“ART” is currently utilized by virtually all professional teams including the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL. Dr. Weber became ART certified in 2002 and was the first and only ART provider in the state of South Dakota for many years.

In 2002 after I discovered and learned Active Release Techniques, ART, I was amazed at the ART treatment I personally received which resolved his chronic shoulder, knee, and ankle problems that had responded minimally to other types of care. “ART gave me my life back.” I got my “game” back, I began running, cycling, swimming, etc.. I give most of the credit to ART.” ART has since become very popular to many US Olympic athletes. Many pro and college sports teams have an ART provider working on their athletes on the sidelines during games. This is now Dr. Weber’s 20th year practicing ART.


Dr. Weber began practicing in 1990 as Weber Chiropractic in the Lead/Deadwood area. There the practice stayed for five years, acquiring some of our present patients. In 1995, the practice moved to Spearfish where it has had great success in improving the lives of many patients.. Still, Dr. Weber was unsatisfied because of the number of cases not responding to traditional chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage, or other types of medical care.

In 2012 Dr. Weber discovered the Vibracussor and Arthostim technologies, This device delivered a type of chiropractic treatment that was excellent for patients who are unable to tolerate or handle the twisting, turning, or “cracking” of the joints.

Our Goal at Body Works Inc:

Is to identify, treat, and resolve the cause of your condition that you are currently suffering from. We also strive to restore your body’s full range of motion, and renew your body’s lost function, helping you to reclaim your lifestyle.

Contact Me:

By Phone: (605) 642-1000

By E-mail: mdw113@yahoo.com

Proudly serving: Spearfish, Rapid City, Lead, Deadwood, Custer, Hill City, Keystone, Gillette WY

I provide: Adjustments & Manipulation, Therapeutic Exercise, Chiropractic Care & Wellness, Active Release Techniques, Soft Tissue Treatment via ART, and FST fascial stretch therapy. Arthrostim and vibracussor therapy.